What Gemstones Did Vikings Use

What Gemstones Did Vikings Use

Norway's profound Viking history and breathtaking landscapes serve as a backdrop to the enigmatic world of healing crystals. Delve into the past with us as we uncover the importance of ten mighty gemstones that were revered in Viking traditions. These crystals were not only prized for their protective and healing qualities but also for their spiritual significance.

Explore how these gemstones continue to captivate with their enduring energies and how they played a pivotal role in Viking lore. Learn about their historical uses and discover how their mystical powers are still sought after in contemporary practices. Join us on this fascinating journey to understand the deep connection between the Vikings and these powerful stones.

A Viking holding a mystical stone

Mystical Stones of the Vikings

Citrine — Wealth and Fortune

Citrine, revered for its powers of abundance and prosperity, was a favorite among the Vikings who sought to secure wealth and success. This crystal was believed to draw prosperity and open doors to new opportunities, promoting a flourishing community and successful sea expeditions. As a token of good fortune and prosperity, Vikings frequently carried citrine with them, symbolizing their aspirations for thriving communities and prosperous endeavors.

Hematite — Fighter’s Gem

Hematite, often revered as the "Warrior’s Stone," played a pivotal role in Viking traditions, embodying protection and strength. Viking warriors, known for their bravery, frequently equipped themselves with hematite amulets and embellished their shields with the stone to harness courage, fortitude, and resilience on the battlefield. Renowned for its grounding properties, hematite provided a foundation of stability and focus, essential for overcoming challenges and adversities during combat.

Amethyst — Shielding Gem

Amethyst was highly valued in Viking society, serving as a talisman to safeguard warriors from danger and adverse energies in the throes of combat and plundering expeditions. The Vikings revered this gem for its ability to deepen their spiritual ties, which they believed allowed them to access celestial guidance amid the tumult and unpredictability of war. This mystical stone was not just a piece of adornment but a crucial element in their quest for protection and spiritual enlightenment during their daring voyages.

Selenite — Divine Link

Selenite, renowned for its luminous glow, played a pivotal role in the spiritual practices of the Vikings. This mystical crystal was integral in purifying and cleansing their sacred spaces, fostering an unobstructed pathway for divine interactions and ceremonial activities. The Vikings greatly valued selenite for its profound ability to sharpen intuition and deepen spiritual connections, making it a cherished tool in their spiritual arsenal.

Green Aventurine — Fortune and Development

Green aventurine, a crystal associated with luck and growth, held significance in Viking culture. Vikings believed green aventurine attracted good fortune, prosperity, and opportunities for personal and communal growth. It encouraged a positive outlook, fostering optimism and new beginnings.

Rose Quartz — Harmony and Love

Rose quartz has long been cherished in Viking society for its deep connection to love and harmony. This beautiful gemstone was thought to nurture compassion, promote emotional healing, and reinforce the bonds that tied Viking communities together. By embodying the vital attributes of love and unity, Vikings believed that rose quartz played a crucial role in enhancing these essential qualities within their culture.

Clear Quartz — The Norse Compass

Clear quartz, often referred to as the "Viking Compass" played a pivotal role in the lives of Vikings. This remarkable crystal was more than just a mystical charm; it served as an essential navigation tool that helped Viking mariners find their way through dense fog and cloudy skies by pinpointing the sun's position. Not only did it ensure their successful seafaring adventures, but it also provided them with clarity and protection, enhancing their navigation skills and safeguarding their journeys. Whether you're drawn to its historical significance or its reputed energetic properties, clear quartz remains a symbol of guidance and resilience.

Smoky Quartz — Stability and Defense

Smoky quartz was treasured by the Vikings not only for its grounding qualities but also for its protective abilities. This powerful gemstone was a staple in their culture, believed to offer stability and security during their sea voyages and to ward off adverse energies. The calming and fortifying effects of smoky quartz helped the Vikings to remain resilient and steady, even in the most demanding situations. This gem continues to be a symbol of protection and strength, echoing its historical significance.

Onyx — Power and Safety

Black onyx, a symbol of fortitude and safeguarding, was highly valued among Viking warriors. These fierce fighters adorned themselves with black onyx amulets and embedded the stone in their weapons, believing it bolstered their bravery, physical prowess, and protective capabilities. This precious gemstone functioned as a vital talisman, offering protection and guidance during their audacious journeys. By incorporating onyx into their battle gear, Vikings felt empowered and secure, ready to face any challenges that came their way.

Labradorite — Gem of Change

Labradorite, a gemstone known for its captivating play of colors akin to the aurora borealis, was deeply revered by the Vikings. They cherished this stone as a portal to divine realms, attributing transformative powers to it. According to Viking lore, labradorite harnessed the ability to unlock inner potential, facilitating adaptability and fostering personal evolution. This mystical stone was not just a symbol of aesthetic beauty but also a tool for spiritual and practical empowerment


The rich heritage of Viking culture in Norway, complemented by the mystical allure of healing crystals, offers a unique lens through which to explore ancient wisdom and spirituality. Each crystal — from the clarity of quartz and the soothing aura of amethyst to the protective embrace of black onyx — reflects the vibrant essence of the Viking ethos. These stones not only provide a window into the beliefs and values of the Vikings but also empower us to draw on their traits of resilience, protection, and spiritual awareness in our own lives.

By integrating the energies of these significant crystals into your daily routine, you embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth, guided by the spirit and strength of the Vikings. Let the transformative power of Norwegian crystals, such as labradorite, hematite, and rose quartz, illuminate your journey, enhancing your connection to an era that revered both the earth's elements and the profound depths of the human spirit. Embrace this historical and spiritual companionship, and allow it to inspire a resilient and enlightened approach to modern living.



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